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Welcome To Bush Gear RSA

The heart behind Bushgear is a family that loves the outdoors and wishes to expand the lifestyle to others that seek the wilderness adventures. Bushgear specialises in 4×4 training along with camping and off-road accessories. Bushgear is a one stop shop that aims to give you the needed equipment and skills to conquer your next adventure.

All 4WD vehicles are welcome for 4×4 training as we cover a wide range of obstacles and challenges along the way. Bushgear will give you the opportunity to learn the limits of your 4WD in a safe environment. Your vehicle will be tested in multiple terrains as all training is based at de Wildt 4×4.

Once having the driving skill, rigging your vehicle to your intended application is next on the agenda. Bushgear offers a wide range of camping and Off-Road equipment to take your outdoor experience to the next level. From camping lights, battery boxes to recovery kits, Bushgear has you covered.