Km Travelled



Bush to Beach


Night 1-3 Polentswa Camp

Sunsets over Polentswa Pan was some of the best I’ve ever seen. Animals were in abundance as every game drive delivered. We had two local residents come by every evening while we were braaing. A bat-eared Fox and Jackal laid behind your camp chairs opportunistic for scraps. Nossop camp isn’t too far away in case you need to restock on supplies.

Night 4-5 Rooiputs Camp

We had two instances of lion walking through our campsite which is enough to get anyone’s blood flowing. We saw a huge amount of game in the area where spotting big cats became a normal occurrence. We did however have a Jackal steal our braai meat so keep your eyes open for the sneaky buggers.


Night 6-7 Kalahari Game Lodge (Mata-Mata Border)

Kalahari Game Lodge was a much needed break from the harsh bush. We were able to jump in a crystal clear pool with our first bar alongside. Being able to wash the Botswana dust from your hair in a warm shower was rejuvenating. Keep an eye out for Farm stalls on route, they worth the brief stop.

Night 8 Quiver Tree Forest

The cheetah tour is well worth the inclusion to your trip. Getting to see these cats close up and personal is amazing. The story behind these cats is truly heart-warming. Don’t forget to take a walk through Giants Playground for some great pictures in the natural rock formations. Quiver Tree Forest didn’t disappoint as Love Birds nest in the area and can be easily spotted.

Night 9 Duwisib

We were met with a fantastic little campsite at the Castle. This area is steep with history and a tour through the castle is very intriguing.

Night 10-11 Aus

Klein Aus Vista was next on our agenda. The sights of the Namib Desert on route was memorising. The tour through Ghost town is well worth it as a stop on the way to Lüderitz for some fresh fish and oysters on the beach front. Keep a lookout for the wild horses in the area!

Night 12-13 Fish River Canyon

We used Canyon Roadhouse as basecamp as we explored the breath taking Fish River Canyon. Canyon Roadhouse is a must see with its unique collection of vintage cars and bar. Pictures doesn’t do any justice to the sheer magnitude and beauty of the canyon. It’s a good idea to visit Ai-Ais National Park as they open their gates to catch the last bit of sunrise over the canyon.

Night 14 Noordoewer

Our last stop on our trip was at Amanzi River Trails. This final destination was the perfect ending to a fantastic trip as we overlooked the Orange River glancing at the infamous Richtersveld Transfrontier Park on the other side.