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About Us

Family Driven, Weekend Warriors

Bushgear is a family driven company. We started off as the weekend warriors trying to escape the hustle of city life and quickly fell in love with our vehicles and the outdoors. Trying to make the most of our adventures we found shortfalls that could greatly enhance our experience. Sitting around the camp fire reaching the bottom of the bottle we vouched to find solutions going forward and so Bushgear was born. We’re a one stop shop that offers to give you both the Skills and Equipment to make your adventures the best they can be.


Johan 4x4 training in South Africa

Having the privilege of growing up in the bush, camping and outdoors was not just an option it was a way of life. Staying in a small town and being on the farm, many adventures presented itself with nothing to do and endless opportunities and terrain to explore.

From a simple “twee spoor paatjie” to investigating massive flood damage on the farm 4x4ing became second nature to me. Once I was old enough and having the opportunity I bought my first 4×4 and the love affair kept me going.

Now after owning 4 4×4 vehicles and being co-pilot in many other vehicles the time has come for me to put my knowledge to the test and show others how amazing the off the beaten track life can be. Getting out of the busy city as much as we can I know I can give my family and friends the same outdoors experiences I have been privileged with my whole life.


Steve 4x4 training in South Africa

I grew up in the outdoors with my old man, spending our weekends camping and tinkering with the 4×4. The bug bit and my love for adventures become an addiction. My first car I bought was a stock 4×4.

I’ve kept the vehicle ever since and slowly started building it up. As my driving skills got better the bank balance got smaller and the weekend projects become frequent. The goal is to build a rig that can tackle anything that comes my way.

I’ve learnt a lot over the years and there is still so much to experience and conquer. I’m lucky enough to share the same passion with my family. There is always a bit of banter of who has the best set-up and driving skills but at the end of the day my happy place is in the bush with my 4×4 taming the next challenge and dominating the terrain.